Monday, October 23, 2006

Real Men Out Working. Doc Mohler

In an informative episode of his program dealing with the decline of manliness in our society, Albert Mohler complained that mostly women called in to discuss the issue.

However, since his program is recorded at 5 pm, weren't the real men in America out working?

Furthermore, isn't it the perceived epitome of feminity to yap one's trap about the inner recesses of one's feelings with someone you don't even know?

Frankly, what manly man is going to want to do that on national radio?

While a vital topic, at its conclusion, it veered to close towards sterotypical depictions of manhood rather than Biblical ones as it was insinuated hardware stores were a proper place for real men to hangout.

Firstly, are those not given over to physical pursuits not to be viewed as manly; why aren't certain parts of the library considered sufficently masculine? For are not war and conflict as much about the mind as the body?

Perhaps we should castigate as limpwristed those unfamiliar with sagas of adventure and the intricacies of critical thought if the same kinds of insinuations are going to fly about those lacking fetishes over power tools.

Secondly, if someone is manly, frankly, they don't really need to be hanging around a group of men. If that's what one is craving to do, in my opinion that is itself a sign that one might secretly not be as brawny as one tries to lead others to believe and actually a bit of a flake at heart.

by Frederick Meekins

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